Wall and Floor Tiler

Responsible for fitting walls, floors and other surfaces with tiles.


Wall and Floor Tilers can work in domestic or commercial properties undertaking all types of wall and floor tiling. 

It’s your job to prepare walls and floors for tiling, apply adhesive and cut and position the tiles.

You may work with a range of materials including ceramic and stone and could work both inside and outside.

You’ll need to be able to interpret drawings and specifications in order to work out how much material you’ll need and extract the relevant information to complete the task in hand.

Top 5 Tasks

  1. Examine drawings and specifications
  2. Work with a range of materials including ceramic, clay, slate, marble and glass
  3. Mix cement screed or other adhesive to secure the tiles
  4. Cut and position floor and wall tiles and check alignment
  5. Work in domestic properties.


Newly trained Wall and Floor Tilers can earn around £17,000 – £25,000, with those trained with experience reaching around £25,000 – £30,000.

Senior Wall and Floor Tilers can earn in excess of £30,000

Salaries typically depend on location, employer and level of responsibility.

Am I Suited?

  • Patience
  • Problem solver
  • Team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Practical
The Victorian period saw a great revival in tilework, when patterned tiles were mass-produced, becoming common especially for churches, schools and public buildings, but also for domestic hallways and bathrooms. Since the Victorian period, tiles have remained standard for kitchens and bathrooms, and many types of public area.


There are no formal requirements to hold qualifications but employers often want you to have GCSEs grades 9-4 (A-C) in maths, English and design and technology, or equivalent qualifications. This is because you have to work to precise measurements and need excellent customer service skills.

Employers often look for people with some on-site experience. If you haven’t worked in construction before, you could work as a labourer to start with. Your employer may then train you in wall and floor tiling. Many people start their construction careers on an apprenticeship in wall and floor tiling with a building or tiling business.

You must hold a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card or equivalent and must pass a health and safety test to qualify for this scheme.

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