Surveying Technician

Collecting information from site inspections to inform advice to clients on land, property or construction.


Surveying covers every aspect of land, property and construction, and as a Surveying Technician, you’re important to so many industries.

In the land sector, you can work as an environmental specialist or a waste management expert, while working in property it can provide opportunities to play a part in every aspect of the development, purchase, sale and management of property – both commercial and residential. 

Whichever sector you work in, your duties as a surveying are varied and your good judgement helps ensure that construction projects run smoothly and on budget.

Top 5 Tasks

  1. Collect information from inspections or visits various sites
  2. Take appropriate measurements of buildings, land or plans
  3. Collect and record data relating to land, buildings or construction for technical use
  4. Undertake costings and/or measurements and/or valuations
  5. Ensure a safe working environment for themselves and others.


Newly trained surveyors can earn in the region of £20,000–£25,000. Trained with experience surveyors can earn in the region of £25,000–£30,000.

Senior or chartered surveyors can earn in the region of £30,000–£45,000.

Salaries typically depend on location, employer and level of responsibility.

Am I Suited?

  • Effective communicator
  • Attention to detail
  • Planner
  • Loves meeting deadlines
  • Flexible
Public and private construction contracts can be worth billions of pounds. There’s nothing cowboy about that!


There are no formal qualifications required for becoming a surveyor; however, you may want to complete GCSEs in maths and English or their equivalents.

To pursue a senior position a BSc Honours Degree in surveying, engineering or construction in England will most likely be required. Some positions will require a Masters Degree as well, or chartered status with a relevant body.

However, experience is often very important too, so entrants with other qualifications might be considered.

Vacancies / Apprenticeships

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