Facilities Manager

Manage the services for a group of buildings or an estate along with their ongoing improvement and maintenance of their services.


As a Facilities Manager, you’ll make sure that buildings and their services meet the needs of the people you work with and their working environment.

You’ll manage a team of multi-skilled people across several possible environments, such as an office, residential developments, commercial properties, hospitals, schools or retail centres and industrial locations, across many industries.

This may include working in services such as security, supporting hard Facilities Management functions, such as maintenance and engineering, and soft Facilities Management, for example; cleaning, catering, front-of-house logistics, post-room services and portering.

This is an outward-facing role where liaison with customers is a key priority and forms a major part of the role.

Top 5 Tasks

  1. Responsible for the safe, secure and comfortable day-to-day working environment for properties
  2. Responsible for the safe, secure and comfortable day-to-day working environment for your staff
  3. Ensure assets and services are fully compliant with health and safety and other legislation
  4. Ensure that levels of performance exceed customer expectations 
  5. Ensure work is within budget.


Typically, those starting out in facilities management will earn around £20,000, with those trained with experience earning in the region of £25,000 – £40,000.

Senior, chartered or master facilities managers can earn in the region of £40,000- £60,000. Salaries typically range depending on location and employer.

Am I Suited?

  • Leader
  • Problem solver
  • Adaptable
  • Listener
  • Friendly
Over 320,000 women work in construction in the UK.


There are no specific entry requirements, but GCSEs at 4 (C) or above are useful to have, especially in English and maths.

Good work ethic will get your far in this Facilities Management industry. You may be able to start as a building caretaker or a management assistant and work your way up. You’ll be encouraged to work towards qualifications like a Level 3 Diploma in Facilities Management.

However, you could do a foundation degree or degree in facilities management or building services management.

You may be able to take an advanced apprenticeship as a facilities supervisor or a higher apprenticeship as a facilities manager.

Many in the role seek membership of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM).

Vacancies / Apprenticeships

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